In last week’s edition of the Small Council, we revealed what we wanted out of the first scene of Game of Thrones season 7, and asked you guys to do the same. Naturally, you stepped up to the plate. Let’s see what you’re looking for in an opening salvo.


You guys pitches some genius scenes — long and short, expected and out of left field. Let’s start with Idwechler, who kept things grounded with a visit to our favorite reformed killer-for-hire:

The first scene will be the mechanized view of Westeros. The titles!
I think it will actually be the Brotherhood Without Banners as they ride to Winterfell. That would start off the plot well. I think early stuff in the episode will be at Winterfell. Rumor has it that Dany will be landing at Dragonstone at the end so I’m guessing her scenes won’t be at the very top of he show.

Starting with the Hound would be an interesting choice. He may not be as important to the story as Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen, but seeing him and his newfound band of brothers riding to Winterfell would serve as a great introduction to the new North.

Cafelucia’s idea also involves the Hound, and a reunion of sorts:

I think the shows opening scene should be of Nymeria and her wolf pack killing Frey soldiers. This is how it would play out on screen:
Beric, Thoros and the Hound travel north with the Brotherhood Without Banners when they are ambushed by a legion of Frey soldiers returning from Riverrun. They fight bravely against 6-to-1 odds but eventually their numbers diminish until only about half a dozen men remain. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Nymeria and he pact charge, killing and running off the remaining Frey soldiers and leaving only the Brotherhood. The men stand shoulder to shoulder and back to back preparing for the wolves to attack, when suddenly the wolves begin to howl and whimper. The men stand there, confused, afraid and too sacred to move until a large female direwolf makes its way to the front. The wolf is of such a size that she’s at eye level with Sandor Clegane while still on all fours, and twice his weight. The wolf and Sandor’s eyes lock onto each other with the recognition of once-old enemies who aren’t sure if they are still at odds with each other. The wolf walks slowly towards Sandor, never breaking eye contact. As the wolf approaches Sandor, he slowly lays down his sword and kneels down before the great beast. The wolf stops inches from Sandor’s face and looks him up and down before happily licking his face.

For those who may not have read the books, Arya Stark has regular dreams about Nymeria, who’s leading a huge pack of wolves in the Riverlands. The Starks and their direwolves are always connected. The idea of Nymeria warming up to the Hound because of Arya’s psychic influence is really interesting.

So y’all really seem to like the Hound. Leslie.Lannister’s idea involved walking into the story herself, always a dangerous idea when we’re talking about Westeros.

Long story short, the Hound picks me up, carries me away to Dorne, where he’s celebrated after destroying his zombie POS brother Mountain, and we live happily ever after..
wait.. I don’t think the phrase “happily ever after” is ever invoked in GoT .

Of everything suggested so far, I think this is the most likely.

Cheyne Johnson has a slightly more serious take on an opening scene in the North:

I can easily see it being Dany’s arrival to Westeros but I’m thinking it will be Bran and Meera entering the tunnel of the Wall and some visual clue that The Nights King’s mark on Bran is erasing the wards in the Wall that keep the White Walkers out.

I think opening north of the Wall with some White Walkers is a very distinct possibility. We’ve gotta be reminded that the army of the dead is on its way.

One more scene in the North, courtesy of Snow Mercy. What have the Northerners been doing in the months since the season 6 finale?

First scene of the season takes us north to Winterfell’s Great Hall. Here we find all the Northern lords still chanting ‘The King in the North’ for Jonny, while Sansa looks like she sucked on one too many lemon cakes and Creepyfinger silently watches…and he’s still smirking. Of course Jon Jon doesn’t catch on to either of those things even though he’s had 10 moons to do so. ..because. ..he knows squat!

I love the idea of the Northern lords shouting “King in the North” for months on end. They’re voices must be shot to hell.

Leaving the North behind, Barry Travis wants us to remember a certain someone who’s ready to make a splash:

Everyone seems to have forgotten about Euron. He’s a wildcard that needs to be assigned a side, so I’m betting the first scene is Cersei and Jaime in the throne room being visited by Euron.

Ah, so Barry thinks there’s a Cersei-Euron alliance in the making. Lord knows Cersei needs to band together with someone.

Moving on, Riki Jones has an incredibly detailed opening scene plan where we learn all about Rhaegar Targaryen:

I would like to see season 7 start off with a series of Bran’s visions coming in back to back flashes lasting about 30 seconds each. They should go something like this:
A young, nerdy blonde boy sitting alone in the window seat of a tower overlooking the sea with books and scrolls all around him. The camera zooms in on an excerpt he’s reading from a very old book. It discusses details of the prophecy he somehow knows he must fulfill. (prophecy he hopes to change)
Next scene he tells his Master at Arms “I require a sword and armor. It seems I must be a warrior.”
Next- Various flashes of Rhaegar training over the years.
Next scene- A young Rhaegar sitting alone in the dark playing a melancholy tune on his harp and singing a heartbreaking song of forbidden love, sacrifice, and death. That scene blends into a scene where Rhaegar finishes the song in front of a large group of people at Harrenhal. While Rhaegar is pouring his heart into the lyrics the camera view switches to show us his perspective and pans across the faces of the audience. Everyone is drinking, eating, laughing and talking and the camera stops and his eyes meet the only person looking at him and listening to his song. Staring back at him with tears streaming down her cheeks is a beautiful dark haired Noble Lady. The music stops, suddenly forgotten, and in each others eyes they lose themselves. Suddenly the room is silent as a crypt as the other guests begin to witness what’s passing between the two of them. The camera scans the faces of the crowd and we bear witness to the confusion on everyones faces, until we reach the familiar face of the young Ned Stark, who abruptly begins a round of applause that the rest of the crowd picks up… breaking the trance. Lyanna smiles sweetly at her brother and when she turns back to look again at Rhaegar he’s gone.
Next scene- Rhaegar unseats Ser Barristan the Bold in the joust and then passes by his wife to lay a crown of pale blue winter roses in Lady Lyannas lap, as thousands of spectators look on in awe and confusion.
Final scene of Bran’s vision shows a panoramic view of the Godswood at Winterfell from the eyes of a raven. We see the giant weirwood tree getting closer as the raven swoops down to perch on one of its branches. As the raven moves amongst the branches, the deep red leaves
part in time for us to see a few members of a quiet wedding ceremony. We see Ser Arthur Dayne smiling at Rhaegar just before he kisses his beautiful new bride Lyanna.
Bran opens his eyes. Snow is falling all around him yet he’s covered in sweat. (cue opening music…)

I love how much thought you put into this, Riki! I’m not sure we’ll get this kind of deep dive into Rhaegar that early, but I’d love to see something like this at some point.

Priscilla, meanwhile, has a different idea concerning a character of myth and legend:

We will have a shot of Kings Landing showing a huge hole where the Sept of Baelor was.
Cersei is sipping her wine and looking at her piece of art, marveling at her intelligence.
She smiles.
But then, she stops smiling.
The camera shows what Cersei is watching: a paw coming out of the smoke…then another…
Cuts to Cersei terrified look — we hear meows!
Cersei starts to scream: “Nooo! You are dead! You are dead!”
Ser Pounce…born amidst smoke ( wildfire) and salt (tears of the thousands who died)

And he will lead Westeros through the Long Night, for he is the Cat Who Was Promised.

And finally, Bandit77 holds out hope that the first scene of season 7 will bring joy to book-readers everywhere:

GRRM going to Federal Express mailing a box to his publisher that has written on the corner “final draft WoW” would be a great opening scene.

If only.

We’ll see which of these HBO goes with when Game of Thrones season 7 premieres on July 16.